Craftwork Coffee Co. Expands to Austin

by Andrew Van Heusden

Craftwork Coffee Co. is going three hours south.

The Fort Worth coffee shop and coworking space announced via Instagram Tuesday that it will expand to Austin. The new 2,400-square-foot building will be located at 10727 Domain Drive and is expected to open in the spring of 2019.

Owner Riley Kiltz says he expects the coffee shop to bring in a mature crowd similar to the location on Camp Bowie. There won’t be office suites in the Austin location, but there will be dedicated desks, conference rooms, and a new layout.

"You’ll walk in the shop, you will see all of the coffee shop, and you’ll also be able to see into the workspace, and when you look up, you will see additional workspace seating above the shop.” Kiltz said. “My original vision was always having a mezzanine overlooking the coffee shop, and we finally get to do it with our fourth location.”

There are currently two locations of Craftwork Coffee Co., one at Magnolia Avenue and the other at Camp Bowie Boulevard. A third location is opening at The Foundry District in June. Kiltz said the expansion to Austin is the first step to potentially expanding to other areas of Texas.

“Scaling is difficult, and it’s difficult to hold onto every aspect of your values and culture as you scale,” he said. “But that is the one thing that matters to us. We are set up to grow. We want to scale this company. We want to continue this as long as it makes an impact.”