The Fort Worth Food Truck Starter Pack: 16 Trucks to Try

Panther City BBQ

Just ‘cause they’re on wheels doesn’t mean food trucks venture too far from home. And, lucky for us, these delicious mobile dining stations call Fort Worth home.

by Marissa Alvarado

Just ‘cause they’re on wheels doesn’t mean food trucks venture too far from home. And, lucky for us, these delicious mobile dining stations call Fort Worth home.

With offerings ranging from Hawaiian shrimp to New Orleans beignets, Fort Worth food trucks are as diverse as it gets. Need help figuring out which to try first? Here are 16 recommendations.

Bite My Biscuit

Photo from Bite My Biscuit website

Where to find it: Check Twitter (@Bite_My_Biscuit) for location.
Bite My Biscuit serves a Southern classic with a twist — every item comes on a biscuit made fresh and from scratch. The chicken fried steak biscuit won the 2018 Texas Food Truck Showdown-Best Between Buns Award. It also serves the "G" Pork Biscuit with brown sugar pulled pork and a scratch-made buttermilk slaw.

Coco Shrimp

Where to find it: Ace Hardware on 4440 Basswood Blvd.
The husband-and-wife creators of Coco Shrimp fell in love with Polynesian cuisine while attending BYU-Hawaii. Once they came back to their hometown, Fort Worth, they opened a Hawaiian food truck, serving shrimp cooked in flavors like coconut, lemon herb and butter garlic. Coco Shrimp plans to open a brick-and-mortar at South Main Street in the Near Southside by the end of the year.

Delicias Food Truck

Photo from Delicias Food Truck website

Where to find it: Check Twitter (@deliciasft) for location.
Delicias serves authentic Venezuelan foods like arepas, cachapas and tequeños, a rare find in the Fort Worth area. It also serves hot dogs and hamburgers with a Venezuelan twist. Try the Chori-Burger, which features jalapeños, chorizo grilled onions and Oaxaca cheese.

Gepetto’s Pizza Truck

Photo from Gepetto's Food Truck website

Where to find it: See Facebook for locations. 
Gepetto's serves the fan favorites like Margherita and meat lovers, but it also has the option to build your own pizza. Vegan and gluten-free options are also available.

Last Supper BBQ Smokers

Photo from Last Supper BBQ Smokers Facebook page

Where to find it: 2800 Horne St. and other locations on the weekends
Prior to the food truck’s opening in 2014, the owner of Last Supper won several barbecue competitions before convincing his wife to let him start a food truck to turn his hobby into a career. Last Supper serves all the necessities like chicken, ribs and smoked angus beef brisket.

Let’s All Have A Ball

Photo from Let's All Have a Ball Facebook page

Where to find it: Check Facebook for location.
In case the name didn’t tip you off, most of the menu items here come in the form of a ball, including customer favorites like the Nashville hot chicken ball taco, chipotle sweet potato and black bean taco or the deep-fried smoked brisket balls. Finish off with the Cinna-Balls for dessert.

Like Totally Sweet and Savory

Photo from Like Totally Sweet and Savory Yelp page

Where to find it: 2501 Gravel Drive
If you're wanting to try something new after dinner, Like Totally Sweet and Savory serves items such as sopapilla cheesecake or French toast cupcakes topped with bacon. The Big Jon Cool Kids Platter is a sweet and savory mix of pulled pork nachos, peanut butter sliders and cheesy pinwheels.

Mac’s Cajun Shack

Photo from Mac's Cajun Shack Facebook page

Where to find it: Check website for location.
The owners of Mac's met in New Orleans in 1991 during college and soon created a romance centered around food — which eventually turned into a food truck. Mac’s is known for its famous Cajun pot pie made with shrimp, crab, crawfish and andouille sausage. Along with seafood, you can also get your ribs and brisket fix at Mac's.

Panther City BBQ

Where to find it: 201 E. Hattie St.
The buzz over Panther City BBQ grew significantly after Texas Monthly’s BBQ Snob, Daniel Wright, paid the food truck a visit. He especially raved about Panther City’s Pork Belly Poppers — a jalapeño stuffed with cream cheese and a pork belly burnt end.

Sassy Hot Dogs

Photo from Sassy Hot Dogs website

Where to find it: Check website for locations.
Sassy Hot Dogs adds a little Southern sass to their Chicago-style dogs. The Chopper hot dog comes with chopped, smoked beef brisket, chopped onion, kosher pickles and raspberry barbecue sauce. Also try the Authentic Chicago, an all-beef hot dog, which comes with all the fixins of a classic Chicago dog — green relish, tomato slices, serrano peppers, kosher pickle spear, onion and mustard splash of celery salt. If hot dogs aren't your thing, Sassy's also serves tacos, hamburgers and Frito pies.


Photo from Tacorriendo Facebook page

Where to find it: 6800 Camp Bowie W. Blvd. by the Valero gas station
“Esta corriendo” translates to “is running,” but the owners turned it into a play on words with the name, Taccoriendo. For your authentic Mexican food needs, Taccoriendo is here to provide. It serves tacos, gorditas, tortas and more. The elote is also a must try.

The Beignet Bus

Where to find it: Check Facebook for location.
Served in a tiny, green bus are the 'Nawlins beignets you didn't know you needed. The Beignet Bus has a constantly changing menu with a variety of both sweet and savory items — past beignets have included fillings like crab salad and grilled muenster cheese. It also serves other Louisiana classics like crawfish bisque and gumbo combos.

Top Nosh Truck

Photo from Top Nosh Truck Facebook page

Where to find it: Check Twitter (@topnoshtruck) for location.
Top Nosh is the epitome of the Asian and Mexican fusion craze, featuring spicy Korean chicken tacos, braised beef sliders and Sriracha steak tacos. Top Nosh also features sides like Parmesan tater tots and steak fries.

What’s Cook-N-Chef

Photo from What's Cook-N-Chef Facebook page

Where to find it: Check website for location.
Owned and operated by a father-in-law and son-in-law duo, Cook-N-Chef specializes in Churrasco. Pick your choice of protein for a taco, salad, sandwich or bowl — all topped with a special Keymayo sauce of the owners' creation. The truck also serves the secret sauce on its famous homemade plantain chips.

YATAI Food Kart

Photo from YATAI Food Kart Facebook page

Where to find it: Avoca Coffee Roasters on 1311 W. Magnolia Ave.
YATAI Food Kart is in the heart of Fort Worth on Magnolia Avenue, serving Japanese specialties such as ramen and pork ribs. The menu differs depending on the night, but a popular item is the Okonomiyaki, a type of Japanese pancake.

ZaTaR Truck

Photo from ZaTaR Facebook page

Where to find it: O’Reilly Auto Parts on 274 University Drive
Based in the TCU area, ZaTaR brings Mediterranean-inspired New York street food in the form of marinated chicken and lamb gyro over a bed of rice, covered in its famous white sauce. Also popular is the Bankrupt Gyro — a gyro so good, they claim it'll make you go broke — made with lamb meat and tzatziki sauce. ZaTaR also serves a good selection of vegetarian options with an artichoke hummus wrap and Holy Falafelz Pita.

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