Funkytown Fermatorium Sets Grand Opening Date


Deep Ellum Brewing announced Tuesday that if they don't receive their permitting documents by March 1, (due to the ongoing partial government shutdown), they're just going to give it away.

That's right, mark your calendars − the Fort Worth outpost of Deep Ellum Brewing, which is going in on University Drive, across from J & J Oyster Bar, will begin pouring beer on March 1 rain or shine, permits or not — even if they can't take your money as payment.

The signage is ready to install, and they can hardly wait to throw open the doors, but with so many government employees off the job, Deep Ellum is in limbo awaiting their final permitting to make it all legal.

Yesterday's Facebook post read in part: "Regardless where you stand, or what you believe, there are a lot of innocent people and businesses being affected by all this nonsense. That’s why we’ve decided to open our doors regardless of the Tax and Trade Bureau’s approval [with pirate symbol inserted]. Unlike our elected officials, I don’t find it right to sideline employees while the government keeps trying to put the FUN in dysfunctional."

With their popular beers including; Dallas Blonde ale, Neato Bandito lager and the Deep Ellum IPA, have become staples on taps all over North Texas. This will be Deep Ellum's second location and don't call it a taproom — it's a Fermatorium. It's all about alliteration people ... I told you they were pirates!

Deep Ellum promises to craft some uniquely Fort Worth varieties in their newest brewery. But,  the 221-seat space (with its central U-shaped bar) will also be a restaurant, turning out wood-fired pizzas and small plates like a new spinach artichoke dip to share.

The Facebook post goes on to say: "While I’d love to just pull the blinds and do some good old fashioned bootlegging, we’ve decided to just give the beer away until the shutdown ends. That’s right, free beer at @deepellumftw starting on March 1."

611 University Drive, Fort Worth