Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo

As we countdown the days until summer is upon us, one of the unofficial state holidays is quickly approaching. Cinco de Mayo is only days away.

For many, that means one thing: margaritas!! Now, Texas doesn’t necessarily have an official drink. Dr Pepper has laid claim on the “National Drink of Texas,” but it’s not the type of beverage reserved exclusively for adults. Lone Star is known as the “National Beer of Texas,” but that’s debatable over the expansion of Texas breweries in the past decade. If there is a cocktail more synonymous with our great state than the margarita, I’d be hard pressed to find one.

Finding the answer of who has the best margarita in Fort Worth is probably as debatable as the origin of the drink itself. It doesn’t matter who you ask, you will most likely get a different answer. With some input from a co-worker of mine, Anna Cotton, I decided to put together a list of don’t miss margaritas in Fort Worth.

Blue Mesa Grill – Classic Blue Signature Margarita

I have to admit, I lived in Fort Worth for quite some time before I visited Blue Mesa on an occasion other than Sunday Brunch. We would typically enjoy the usual brunch accomplishments like Bloody Mary’s or Mimosas. One afternoon, after attending the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial, we decided to spend some time on the patio at Blue Mesa. My server talked me into trying their Classic Blue Signature Margarita. I’ve had it both frozen and on the rocks. Either way is great!

Joe T Garcia’s – Margarita on the Rocks 

This Fort Worth institution is on the top of any must-try list for an out of town visitor. There is little doubt that there is anywhere better in DFW to enjoy a margarita. I always have them on the rocks here. Be sure to take it slow. This family recipe packs a punch.

Lonesome Dove – Jalapeno Cucumber Margarita 

Tim Love’s flagship restaurant has been pouring their Jalapeno Cucumber Margarita for years. This concoction has been featured by everyone from Food & Wine magazine to Forbes and is worth a visit down to the Stockyards for a sip.

Mi Cocina - The Mambo Taxi 

It really doesn’t matter how you get your Mambo Taxi, just get one. This legendary frozen margarita swirled with house-made sangria can be modified into a couple of variations, one with Chambord and another with Midori. You have to decide which Taxi ride is your favorite.

Reata – Habanero Lime Margarita 

Although not as well known as the $50 Billionaire Margarita that’s made with Don Julio 1942 & Grand Marnier 150th Anniversary, this is the perfect combination of heat and sweet. Patrón is infused in-house with fresh Habanero peppers to give this drink some bite.

I’m always looking for input on where to find some other great options. I know that The Original, Uncle Julio’s and Los Vaqueros all have great margaritas as well. Where will you be drinking your margarita this Cinco de Mayo?

Russell Kirkpatrick is AGM at Reata Restaurant and Founder of the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival