National Pizza Day: A Food Writer’s 5 Favorite Pies in Fort Worth

Del Bianco at I Fratelli

Photo from I Fratelli website

Just because Fort Worth is a burgers-and-barbecue town doesn't mean it can't whip out a good pizza too. For Fort Worth Magazine food writer Courtney Dabney, identifying the city's tastiest pies is part of her job. So, for National Pizza Day, she's sharing the top five she's tried around town. 

I Fratelli − Del Bianco

This franchise is popping up all over the Metroplex. The Eighth Ave location is only a few months old, but these are some of the best thin-crust pizzas around. The Del Bianco is a colorful display, with a white sauce and evenly distributed toppings of bacon crumbles, fresh spinach and finely diced Roma tomato.

Cane Rosso − Delia

Celebrating five years in Fort Worth, it’s still the place to find the Neapolitan-style pizza we crave. Cane Rosso’s classic Honey Bastard has been widely praised for its sweet and spicy balance, but I prefer the simple and Spartan Delia. This four-ingredient pizza has creamy housemade mozzarella, sweet and savory bacon marmalade, the fresh acid of grape tomatoes and peppery arugula. It hits all the right notes. 

Fireside Pies − Quattro Fungi

You won't find many crusts left on the plate at Fireside Pies in Crockett Row. The crust has a crispy exterior and is doughy inside. This mushroom masterpiece comes layered with truffled porcini cream sauce and studded with creamy fontina cheese, shaved Parmesan and baby arugula leaves.

Pizza Snob − Garlic Buttered Meatball

The TCU area has seen a lot of transition lately, but Pizza Snob is becoming an institution. You are only allowed to choose exactly four from the restaurant's array of upgraded toppings — this one showcases the tender garlic buttered meatball. It’s enhanced with goat cheese, shredded Parmesan, a drizzle of olive oil and fresh basil leaves.

Piatello Italian Kitchen −  Salsiccia

The pizza oven is a busy place at Piatello, which turns out interesting combinations and consistently delicious pizzas with a delicate and crispy crust. The Salsiccia spices things up with housemade sausage, tomato, provolone and pecorino cheeses. It adds a touch of green with broccolini and a hint of heat with chili flakes.