New Barbecue Joint Takes Over the Former Americado Location

Dayne's Craft Barbecue

No, Americado isn’t opening again. But a new restaurant is looking to revive the spot recently vacated by the food hall.

Dayne's Craft Barbecue announced via Facebook that it will open at the former Americado location on West Berry Street. This is will be the first brick-and-mortar location for Dayne's, which Dayne Weaver and fiancée Ashley Hays began as a pop-up at various locations.

Fits and starts plagued Americado throughout its short life at 2000 W. Berry St. Originally billed as a food hall (or mini-food hall), the restaurant garnered attention for its newly constructed building, with design details installed by Dallas-based Coevál Studio.

By anyone's estimation, Americado lived its nine lives in rapid succession — there was the confusion in ordering and paying at different stations when it first opened, issues with poor service, longer than expected wait times, a few attempted reboots and even one previous closure. Americado opened in March 2017 and finally gave up for good in January of this year, leaving behind a spectacular shell with lots of potential.

When Dayne’s arrives, the space will undergo a complete remodel, with Weaver and Hays planning to remove the wall tile Americado left behind. “Our whole concept revolves around simplified and unembellished barbecue,” Hays says. “We want the space to reflect the same thing.”

They plan to shorten the main bar, which is to the right as customers walk in, and will cut and slice orders at the counter to the left. There will be tubs of iced classics like Bud, Miller and Coors near the register, but Dayne's will also have a full bar and several local taps to choose from as well.

The rest of the space will open up leading to the patio, for inside picnic-style seating accommodating 50-60 people. Live music will promote local artists on weekends.

The back patio already has a covered section, but Dayne's will add more umbrellas outside and eventually hopes to add an outdoor stage for musical acts. There will be seating for an additional 100 people outside. The restaurant will also have water bowls and treats for dogs on the pet-friendly patio.

As for the ’cue — Dayne’s will source prime brisket and beef ribs from 44 Farms and Halperns’ 1855 angus beef. The restaurant will also be smoking Compart Duroc pork spare ribs and pulled pork, as well as housemade triple cheddar pepper sausage — featuring three types of cheese along with three types of peppers and the fatty trimmings from both beef and pork. Turkey and chicken will also be on the regular menu, and Weaver will get creative with other sausage varieties. 

Side dishes include creamy truffle mac and cheese, a loaded potato salad, a slightly sweet balsamic broccoli and grape salad and street corn served two ways: original and Flamin' Hot, topped with Cheetos.

Hays says they will begin with a 500-gallon smoker to continue with regular pop-ups at local breweries like Martin House and Panther Island, and they will begin hosting two pop-ups each month at their new home on Berry while it's still under construction. They will add another 1,000-gallon smoker prior to opening day in the fall (possibly as early as September) and expect to add a third within a year.