Tired of Avocado Toast? Try This Easy Smoked Salmon Toast Recipe

A healthy, easy lunch you can take to the office.

Avocado toast has been all the rage lately, but have you tried smoked salmon toast?

Just like avocado toast, the versatility and simple ingredients of smoked salmon toast make it the perfect lunch to take to the office on days when you are wanting to eat healthier and skip going out to eat, without having to put forth a lot of effort.

What we love about smoked salmon toast (besides the fact that it’s packed with Omega-3 fatty acid) is that you can really make it your own. You can top it with chives, red onions, herbs, tomatoes, avocados and deviled eggs; drizzle it with different sauces like olive oil, honey mustard; and use different kinds of breads. Your creativity is the limit.

You can find slices of smoked salmon at your local grocery store like Central Market or Whole Foods. Make two or three of these, and you will be fueled and ready to get back to work.

Below is a simple recipe you can follow to start building your own creations. Who knows, maybe your kids will even want to pack these for school lunches after they see how delicious yours is.



• Smoked salmon slices
• Cream cheese, room temperature (or another soft spread like goat cheese, brie, etc.)
• Cucumber slices
• Loaf of rye bread (or other bread of your choice), cut into 1/4 inch thick slices
• Chives, finely chopped
• Dill, finely chopped


Take your rye bread (you can toast it or leave it untoasted), spread some softened cream cheese or other choice of cheese on it, add a few cucumber slices, top with the smoked salmon slices and top with chives and dill for extra flavor.