What Fort Worth Coffee Shop Fits Your Personality?

Fort Worth Coffee Shops

by Erin Pinkham

Finding the perfect coffee shop can be a struggle. This one is too loud to get work done, this one isn’t loud enough, or this one doesn’t have enough open mic nights. We’ve made a list of some local coffee shops that fit every personality.

Coffee Shop: Craftwork Coffee Co.
Personality: The hustler
Craftwork, is one of the fastest growing local coffee shops and the perfect spot for all  you busy bodies out there. You can take a seat at the Camp Bowie, Magnolia Avenue or (soon-to-come) Foundry District locations, have cup of joe and go to work. Craftwork also has Coworking spaces that are available for rent if you don’t have a work space of your own.

Coffee Shop: Buon Giorno
Personality: Funky music lover
Inspired by the owner’s time backpacking through Europe, this little downtown hideaway invites you to take it slow and connect with others while sipping on some coffee. The coffee shop also hosts Classical Open Mic and Classical Guitar Open Plays for musicians and classical music lovers to come together over coffee and music.

Coffee Shop: Avoca Coffee
Personality: The quiet bohemian novelist
Both Avoca Coffee locations on Magnolia and on Foch St., have the looks of an industrial coffee shop and the charm of a neighborhood hang out. This coffee shop is a roastery, coffee shop, wholesaler.  This coffee shop is for those who want to sit and work on their next book series, or meet up with an old friend and then taking home a pack of coffee beans.

Coffee Shop: Casablanca Coffee
Personality: Quirky adventurer
Casablanca Coffee is a hole-in-the-wall gem, inspired by the owner’s home, Morocco. Moroccan music is played while you drink espresso and have a bite to eat in the tiny shop. Casablanca is for those who love to discover new things to show their friends and has a soul of a world traveler.

Coffee Shop: BREWED
Personality: Eccentric, energetic, people lover
Described as The Locals’ Living Room, BREWED is a lively space to connect with people, while drinking one of two things brewed — coffee or a local beer. BREWED is not only a coffee shop, but a home away from home and a place for a bite to eat. The bright colors and sofas are perfect if you want to sit back, relax and chat it up. 

Coffee Shop: Coffee Folk
Personality: Artsy outdoor lover
Built from a refurbished trailer, Coffee Folk brings coffee and tea to Fort Worth neighborhoods. The Coffee Folk trailer is set up in the Meadowbrook neighborhood on the east side of Fort Worth, right next to the Firehouse Pottery and Gallery. Coffee Folk is perfect for those who crave coffee after a jog or walking their dog.

Coffee Shop: Edge Coffee House
Personality: Fueled by jesus and coffee
Edge was created by the owner’s love for coffee and the Christian community. Edge not only serves coffee but hosts Sunday morning and Thursday night church services. It also has open mic nights on Tuesday nights and live music Friday and Saturday nights.

Coffee Shop: World Blend
Personality: Optimistic, people pleaser
Located in a strip center in Watauga, don’t let the exterior of this cute little ice cream/coffee shop fool you. World Blend was created with the sole purpose to bring people together over the love of community and coffee. World Blend serves coffee, hosts local events and even has a postal service inside.The World Blend online store is also coming soon, selling coffee, and handmade items from local arts.

Coffee Shop: Sons of Liberty
Personality: Modern hipster
With large windows and modern decor, downtown’s Sons of Liberty, one of the newest coffee shops in town,  is the place for those who want to sit down to get some work done and maybe do a little bit of people watching. Sons of Liberty invites coffee enthusiasts and all of you vinyl collectors out there for coffee, beer, and a breakfast taco.

Coffee Shop: Ampersand
Personality: Unconventional Millennial
Ampersand is for those looking for a fresh take on coffee shops. It serves coffee by day and cocktails by night. Ampersand roasts their coffee beans with a technique called Air-roasting. With it’s large garage doors, it lets in natural light for an atmosphere to get work done, catch up with some friends, or watch the Fort Worth environment while sipping on a Vietnamese Iced Coffee.