Where's the Beef?

Good Day Chow Hounds,

I can't tell you how often I receive messages, texts, or phone calls asking about the best places to eat steak. I have been in the beef business all my life and my family has been in the ranching and beef business for 170 plus years in Texas. Judging beef is not easy for me. I judge beef or a steak on the quality and texture of the meat. I also believe the method in which it is prepared and cooked is extremely important. It is very easy for someone to turn a fantastic piece of meat into an uneatable piece of shoe leather. While this may sound a bit insensitive toward hard working chefs, kitchen staff and local restaurants, it's simply the truth. My family has raised cattle for 170 plus years, owned restaurants for 100 years and owned a meat company for four decades, which was named Quality Meat & Provision Company. We processed whole sides of beef for everything from steak to chili and had our own dry age cooler which made some fantastic dry aged steaks.

As a young boy, when I wasn't working in our restaurants, I would wake up at 4 a.m. and go with my grandmother to open our meat company. I performed every duty one can think of in the 15 years I was able to work there before we sold out. I did everything from clean the floors, pack boxes full of meat, clean the massive chili vats and help cook our famous chili. My favorite job was checking the trucks that delivered the massive sides of fresh beef to be cut and processed by hand. The sides of beef would be hanging on hooks in the refrigerated trucks. I would wrap my arms around the sides of beef, lift them off the hooks, place them on the rail hook and send them down the hallway to be processed by hand in our large coolers. After we sold the meat company and sold all of our restaurants, I got involved with raising and processing fresh meat from cattle we raise by hand at Chapman Family Ranches, which we are still doing today. So as you can see my education in the beef business is extensive. I've been involved in the meat business all my life and I love a great piece of beef. 

Each steak restaurant pick and chef I've chosen for this article "Where's The Beef" are always on point, use incredible beef and prepare each steak like it was their last meal, always with perfection. Some of the restaurants I have chosen have partnerships with ranches or beef companies. They control their beef from the time it's raised all the way to your plate. This ensures perfect quality with every piece of beef or steak you eat. My picks are in no certain order. They are all fantastically delicious, but they just vary in price and flavor. Different restaurants have varying cooking methods. Some may be smoky, some hickory, wood fired, broiled and others char-grilled. They each have their own delicious methods! 

Clay Pigeon Food & Drink

Photo Courtesy of Clay Pigeon

Fort Worth / Chef Marcus Paslay / http://www.claypigeonfd.com/

Texas Bleu

Photo courtesy of Texas Bleu

Keller / Chef Erin Miller / http://texasbleu.com/

Ruth's Chris Steak House

Photo courtesy Ruth's Chris Steak House

Fort Worth / Chef Craig Doyle / http://www.ruthschris.com/restaurant-locations/fort-worth

J.R.'s Steak & Grill

Photo courtesy J.R.'s Steak House

Colleyville / Top Chef Todd Phillips / http://jrssteaks.com


Photo courtesy Bonnell's

Fort Worth / Chef Jon Bonnell / http://bonnellstexas.com

Grace Restaurant

Photo courtesy Grace Restaurant

Ft Worth / Top Chef Blaine Sanford / http://gracefortworth.com

H3 Hunter Brothers Steak House

Photo courtesy Dallas Observer

Ft Worth Stockyards / Chef Stephen Michie / https://www.h3ranch.com/

Horseshoe Hill

Ft Worth Stock Yards / Chef Grady Spears / http://horseshoehillcafe.com

Max's Wine Dive

Photo courtesy Max's Wine Dive

Fort Worth / Top Chef Stefon Rishle / http://www.maxswinedive.com/fort-worth-west-7th-st/

Mercury Chop House

Photo courtesy Mercury Chop House

Fort Worth Sundance Square / Chef Zach / http://fortworthchophouse.com/

Capital Grill

Photo courtesy Capital Grille

Fort Worth / Chef Derek Venutolo / http://www.thecapitalgrille.com/locations/tx/fort-worth/fort-worth/8048

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse

Photo courtesy Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse

Fort Worth / Top Chef Anthony Felli / http://delfriscos.com/steakhouse/fort-worth


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