10 Ways to Use Metallics in Your Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor - Metallics

Getting tired of feeling like you're seeing in all red and green? Us too. Put away Grandma's knit throws and old red stockings. Shades of silver and gold are your best friends this season! Metallic decorations are the perfect way to spark holiday spirit in your home without looking like Christmas threw up all over your living room. Almost everything goes with shades of silver, gold, bronze or copper, so why not incorporate them in your holiday decorations? Little touches go a long way. Plus I think most of these adorable decorations could be used year round — bonus! Get your shine on with a few of our favorite ways to decorate with metallics for the holidays!

1. Candle Holders

Create a wanderlust Christmas by putting your candles in a metallic holder, such as silver or gold. Candle holders with specs throughout their design allow for the light to seep through, illuminating the entire area.

Photos via Wisteria and  West Elm


2. Garlands

These noticeable garlands can go just about anywhere and add that extra wow factor to a room! Not only are they feeding the festive feel but also they are fun and inexpensive to make.

Photos via Pinterest and Pinterest


3. Ornaments 

Dust off your old, bland ornaments and spray paint them with a metallic shade that suits your style best. You can never go wrong with a silver and bronze combo, or keep it simple and elegant with gold hues. Have fun lighting up your Christmas tree!

Photos via Pinterest and  Pinterest 


4. Decorative Trees

Swap your fall centerpieces with these silver and gold wire trees, or make them a part of the living room by placing them on shelves or your favorite coffee table. Sparkling trees never fail to add more Christmas cheer.

Photos via Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn


5. Star Decor

In need of a fun DIY? This wanderlust star decoration is great for Christmas and the upcoming New Year.

Photos via Pinterest


6. Pine Cones

You probably have this decoration right in your backyard. Grab all the pinecones you can and spray paint them different metallic shades. My favorite way to incorporate these in Christmas decor is by stacking them in a glass jar or spreading them out across a table. 

Photos via Pinterest and Pinterest


7. Sparkling Wreaths

You already have one in your home or on your door. So make your wreath dazzles with Christmas and spray paint it, you guessed it, metallic shades!

Photos via Anthropologie and Anthropologie


8.  Stockings

Red and green are overrated. Make waking up on Christmas morning even more enjoyable with these adorable stockings!

Photos via Ballard Designs


9. For the Kitchen

The kitchen is the best place to add touches of metallic, from cups to utensils, it’s the little things that count the most.

Photos via Pinterest


10. Metallic Pillows

Light up your bedroom with metallic pillows. These simple accents bring in the snowy outdoors, without the cold of course. Adding just the right amount of shine and coziness anywhere you place them.

Photos via Pinterest

I hope you enjoyed some of our inspirations for decorating with metallic this year. Make sure to let us know which ones you think will bring just the right touch of Christmas into your home!