5 DIY Adult Halloween Costumes

With Halloween coming into view, you have two choices. To give into the itchy, plastic and overpriced costumes or to create a fun, easy-to-make DIY costume to prepare for the Halloween festivities. Choose wisely because we have you covered with these 5 DIY adult costumes that will not only feed your creative spirit but also keep your wallet happy.

1.) Fred and Wilma

Fred and Wilma is a classic couples’ costume. This easy-to-make, affordable and adorable costume will have your friends complimenting you and reminiscing all night. Yabba Dabba Do-o-o this costume!

2.) Anything ’80s!

Who says your old leg warmers can’t become a totally awesome costume? Not only is this super adorable but also you probably already have most of it hidden in your closet. Get pumped because bright colors and headbands are your go to for tonight.

For inspiration, here are some of the top ’80s fashion trends.

3.) Smarty Pants

This one is for all you lazy people out there. Get this – all you need is a pair of pants and a bag of Smarties candy. Pin or glue Smarties candy all over your pants, throw on a pair of glasses, correct people all night and bam—you’re a “smarty pants,” Get it?

4.) Old TV Show Characters

You can never go wrong with a TV character costume. While this may look difficult to recreate, these are some of the easiest outfits to pull together. Have fun making them and remembering all of your favorite TV characters and shows. In the end, you’ll have an amazing costume everyone will love.
Here are 2 inspiration DIY characters— Charlie Brown and the Power Puff Girls.

5.) Lighting Bolt and Victim

Searching for something different? Check “cute and creative costume” off of your list because you’re going to be a shocker at the party. 

These are just a few DIY costume inspirations. Let us know down in the comments if you have any more creative ideas!