Decorating with Plaid for Christmas

Decorating with Plaid for Christmas

There are so many different ways to decorate your home for the holidays. Not only is plaid nice for flannels this time of year but is also a great pattern that brings the holiday spirit to your humble abode. With just a few touches here and there, your home will feel cozy in a jiffy. From pillows to snuggle, accessories to hang on the tree or stockings to place above the fireplace, we have you covered for your plaid obsession this season. 

1.  Throws and Blankets

 Don't suffer through the cold this Christmas! Plaid throws are a comfortable way to stay warm and stylish this winter. They come in a variety of color schemes to match your personal preference. So bundle up!

Photos via Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn


2. Pillows

Pillows are so easy to change, and swapping different colors and pattens throughout the year makes a world of a difference. Pick up a plaid pillow on the way home and, viola, instant Christmas vibes added to your living room or bedroom.

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3. Ornaments 

Make your holiday sparkle with these adorable ornaments. Simple touches to your tree go a long way. 

Photos via Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs 

4. For the Kitchen

We all know someone who will be working away in the kitchen to sooth our hungry, Christmas bellies. So, make them feel festive with a matching apron and oven mitt to help them bake as much as their heat desires. Plus, these look adorable when hung in the kitchen. 

Photos via Ballard Designs and Ballard Designs 

5. Under the Tree

Family gatherings by the fire and tree are very common during the Christmas Holiday and everyone will take a peek under the tree. A plaid tree skirt can add to bringing the whole room together.

Photos via Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn

6. For the Bedroom

The bedroom is supposed to be the most comfortable area in the house — right?! So put away your bright summer blankets and give your bedroom a rustic, outdoor feel with a plaid bedspread. Just like pillows, blankets and duvets are easy to swap, and it makes you feel a little more festive in the end.  

Photos via Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn

7. Table Cloths and Mats

Don't worry, your Christmas Eve table layout doesn't have to be some extraordinary set up! Plaid is simple, yet it adds texture and dimension to any design. 

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8. Stockings

Need a little more oomf on your mantle? Try mixing different plaid stockings for a unique look, or add in a personal touch with stockings featuring your family members' names.

Photos via Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs

9. Garlands

Just like ornaments, plaid garlands are a simple way to add a festive feel to your tree! In general, they are easy to place anywhere for an attractive accessory. 

Photos via Pinterest and Pottery Barn

10. Trinkets

Here are a couple easy ways to add a little plaid pattern into your home without going all out. Set these trinkets anywhere to spark the Christmas theme.

Photos via Pottery Barn and Pinterest 

We hoped you enjoyed some of these plaid ideas for your home! Please comment if you have any more suggestions or inspirations.