DIY Halloween Decorations

We can’t get enough of Halloween, especially when it comes to Halloween decorations. You could go to the costume store to grab some decorations, but these innovative Halloween ideas will get you so excited you will want to plan a holiday party just to show off your crafting skills. Here are some easy-to-make, creative DIY Halloween decorations.

Mason Jar Mummies

Have extra mason jars hanging around the house? Grab one, put a tea light into the jar and wrap it in gauze from the dollar store to create a mini mummy. Glue on a pair of googly eyes to complete the look. Now you have a Mason jar mummy ready to heat up your Halloween décor.


Milk Carton Spiders

Don’t throw away your milk carton when you finish it this month! You can paint your empty carton black to create a jumbo spider for your front door. Complete the creature with black insulation piping and you are ready to go! To amp up your look, use feathers on black boas to give your spider a hairy look. 


Candy Corn Centerpieces

Who said that everything had to be scary on Halloween? Sweeten up your dining table with these candy corn centerpieces. Grab some wine bottles and paint them white, orange and yellow for an interactive decoration. To create levels, add some mini pumpkins and candles surrounded by the candy.


Glitter Pumpkins

When people think of pumpkins, they automatically jump to jack-o-lanterns. But, you don’t have to carve them to show off your creative skills. An easy way to decorate different pumpkins is spray paint them different colors and then cover them in glitter. They will make your front porch shine!


Poisonous Bottles

For a quick interior decoration, spray paint different bottles black and place different poisonous labels on them. This elegant set up is perfect for sophisticated parties and can be a great conversation starter. To solidify the look, add a few creepy portraits behind the bottles and add in a few extra crawling spiders.


Hanging Ghosts

What’s Halloween without a ghost? Hang a spooky ghost outside your house by securing a foam ball to fishing wire and attaching it to a low-hanging branch. Throw a sheet over the ball and pin up the sides to create a realistic shape. For an added touch of spooky, cut out eyes and a mouth with black construction paper to complete the look.


Skull Centerpieces

If you are looking for spooky, then do we have a centerpiece for you. Grab a cake plate and arrange your painted skulls around a black candle. You can also include some fake black roses to amp up your centerpiece.


Spider Invasions

Sometimes, the best decorations are all about the details. Grab a bag of fake spiders and tape them to the back of your front door. As your Halloween guests leave, they will see your décor doesn’t quit.


Share your favorite DIY Halloween decorations in the comments! Happy decorating!