Formal Living Room Reveal

Last fall I moved into a "new to me" ranch style home in west Fort Worth. Over the past few months, I've been decorating each room slowly but surely. My first instinct when moving into a new house is to decorate as soon as I move in. I typically have everything decorated within 48 hours of the move, but sometimes I end up unhappy with the long term results. I decorate quickly so I can feel settled, but end up wanting to change the design later down the road since my initial design decisions were rushed. After moving many times over the past few years, I noticed this pattern and decided I would not repeat those same mistakes. 

This time around I took many months to soak in my design plan for my formal living room and to make sure the overall look was exactly what I wanted. After creating a number of design boards and going on too many virtual shopping sprees (huge thanks to!), I ended up with a design plan that I was completely in love with. 

To see my full design plan and resource guide (complete with product links), visit the links below:

I wanted the room to remain neutral, but also have a few pops of color as well. By keeping the walls a creamy beige and using two linen tufted sofas as my main statement pieces, I was able to start off with a good neutral base for my design. I wasn't quite sure what my accent color would end up being, so I decided I would shop around a bit to get some inspiration.

After one of my many HomeGoods trips, I ended up finding a pair of coral watercolors that were exactly what I didn't know I needed. They fit perfectly into my "neutral but colorful" design scheme, so I just had to snag them up. After those were hung, the whole room really started to come together. Since most of the room was so neutral, I relied on texture and pattern to create interest. What do you think??

To see my complete makeover, click here.

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