Simple Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Can you believe Thanksgiving is already here? Do you have family and friends coming to visit, but you haven't had one second to even think about decorating? Well today I'm here to help you out a bit with a few suggestions from my own Thanksgiving table. I didn't have a ton of time or resources to work with this year, so I literally made a quick trip to Target to gather up a few supplies. Since they already had their Christmas decor out on the isles, and their fall decor was completely gone, I really had to get creative. 

Instead of using typical Thanksgiving decorations, I searched for materials that gave off a "fall vibe." I used materials heavy in natural fibers and earth tones. I didn't want my table to feel too dark though, so I complimented the yellows, oranges and browns with mint green and white. What do you think?

To see the rest of my Thanksgiving tablescape, make sure to visit my personal design blog, HERE. I'm also sharing a super easy pumpkin cupcake recipe for all you non-bakers out there. 

Click HERE for the full recipe!

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