Using Faux Fur in your Holiday Decor

Using Faux Fur in your Holiday Decor

Faux fur is a unique and different way to decorate for Christmas, which is why I love it so much. Create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in your home just by adding a few of these decorations. 

1. Throws

What's better than cuddling in the winter? Nothing. Especially if it's with furry blankets like these! No need to turn up the heat this year because we have you covered with this irresistible cuddle buddy. Furry throws are also great gifts.

Photos via Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn

2. Under the Mantle

It's heating up under the mantle and I'm not talking about the fire. These adorable stockings will warm up the room, just don't catch them on fire. Kidding! Well, just be careful. 

Photos via Restoration Hardware and Restoration Hardware


3. Warm Wreaths

What's a better way to invite your guests into a home than with a cozy wreath? Make one at home or buy one, either way it will look great.

Photos via Pinterest and Pinterest

4. Cozy Candles

Decorate your candles in faux fur. Incorporate fur into your design and place a throw or piece of fabric underneath candles, immediately spicing up your coffee table or centerpiece. You can also purchase faux fur candle holders, not only does this look adorable but also it helps with moving candles so you don't burn your hands!

Photos via Pintrest and Pinterest

5. Pillows 

Ready, set, hibernate! There's no way you will be getting out of bed this winter, so you're welcome. 

Photos via Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn


6. Table Decor

Dump the pumpkins, fur is all you need! I just love the way faux fur really warms up the area, making it welcoming for house guest and family members during the holidays. 

Photos via Pinterest

7. Furniture 

Go big or go home, right? If you are in need of new furniture or just really want to commit this season, then these are for you! Either way, I'm jealous of you and your comfy furniture. 

Photos via Anthropologie and Anthropoligie

8. Tree Skirts

You could just wrap one of your faux fur throws around the tree, but those are for cuddling. So feed your faux fur obsession with a tree skirt. Fur on fur on fur, and we aren't even done yet. 

Photos via Pinterest and Restoration Hardware

9. Unique Accents

Pillows are always a fun way to add personal touches to a room and this one really caught my eye! All shades of fur into one, what gets better than that.

Photos via West Elm


10. For the Tree 

Balance the harsh textures of a Christmas tree with soft faux fur ornaments.

Photos via Pinterest

These are just a few inspirations for your Christmas decorations! Let us know in the comments below how you incorporate faux fur in your holiday decorations or which ideas you think you will try this season.