Why You Need an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit


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An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is a great home feature that expands your living space, allowing you to spend more time outdoors throughout the year. Whether you prefer gas-burning or wood-burning fire, adding this focal point will really bring that “wow” factor. 

Outdoor fireplaces extend your outdoor season and are an excellent way to entertain guests. Combining comfort and warmth, outdoor fireplaces or fire pits allow you to enjoy fresh air more months of the year. They’re perfect for gathering with family and friends, good conversations or making s’mores with the family; plus they’re a great option to add charm and comfort to your parties.

1. You can cook dinner on them.

Both wood or gas fire pits provide an excellent alternative for making dinner, whether it be roasting hot dogs, toasting kabobs or preparing s’mores.

2. Cold weather won’t keep you from going outside.

Fireplaces keep you warm, which allows you to invite guests outside instead of sitting in the living room.  An outdoor fireplace or fire pit provides an excellent source of heat and makes it possible to enjoy outside entertaining by staying warm, especially on those chilly evenings.

3. They’re super romantic.

The flames from your fire light up the night and create a very romantic ambiance, creating more options for future date nights with you and your special someone. 

4. They add to home value.

Adding an outdoor fireplace to a home isn’t a terribly expensive project and can be done quickly and easily. Plus, they give great depth to an outdoor space without the worry of tearing down existing walls or the stress of indoor construction hassles.  They are attractive features that can increase your home value and make it stand apart from others if you ever decide to sell it.