Why You Need a Pool Cover During The Fall Season


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Fall is officially here, it’s time to break out your long sleeves, fall boots, sip on that pumpkin spice latte, enjoy the changing colors of the fall leaves and schedule the installation of your pool cover.  Anyone that has a lot of trees or who have neighbors with a lot of trees, understands the work and damage they can do to a pool.

Falling leaves and debris accumulate quickly and can clog the pump basket and skimmers resulting in a burned-up pool pump.  It can take a lot of time to scoop them out as pool cleaning companies typically come once a week, not two or more times a day as is needed for heavy leaves.

Pool covers provide relief from removing leaves and debris from your pool each winter and give people a peace of mind that they don’t have to spend days removing them, usually in cold, rainy or damp weather.  You’ll never have to worry about planning your Fall vacation around falling leaves or leaving for an unexpected family life event.  We’ve got you and your pool covered!

Pulliam Pools can provide an estimate for your pool cover, and we offer a service to install them in the fall and remove them in the spring.  Safety covers are tied down so that children and pets don’t fall into the pool and cold water. Anchors are placed in the surrounding decking area, raised bond beam areas, and can be ordered to cover your spa as well. The pool cover is tightly attached to those anchors and hold the cover in place.

Remember that water maintenance is still required.  Avoid algae build up during the winter months by maintaining the water chemical levels. Out of balance chemicals can cause serious deterioration of your plaster, grout and coping.  It is important to protect your investment.