Heal Your Soul


We have so many talented artists in Fort Worth I felt I needed to write my feelings about the awesome Fort Worth Music scene, seeing how as I’m a live music freak.
An artist can be describe in many different ways and have various talents.
We have so many in Texas and Fort Worth that can write, play music, sing and shred guitars, that it’s hard to just pick one.
If you haven't herd about the live music scene in cowtown your either dead, in jail, or living down under.
Music is good for the mind, body and soul.
It drives your senses, makes you feel alive and vibrant, and relieves the daily stresses of our tangled lives.
The live music scene is so awesome in this city its hard to choose a place to listen and unwind from all the daily stress.
There’s Lola’s Saloon, Magnolia Motor Lounge, Button’s Restaurant, The Basement Bar, Filthy McNasty’s Saloon, Whiskey Girl Saloon, The Longhorn Saloon, Billy Bob’s Texas, The Live Oak Grill, The Capital Bar, The Rio, Scat Lounge — I can go on forever.
There must be over 1000 shows on any given weekend.
The local artists are amazing! They’ll rock your soul with there down-home tunes and vibes that radiate through the bars, taverns and saloons.
My personal favorites are Scott Copleland, Phil Wallace, Guthrie Kennard, Jerry Audley, Dean Seltzer, Whiskey Myers, The Gringo Kings, Brad Hines, The Departed, Phil Hamilton, 6 Market Blvd, Steve Helms Band and Randy Brown.
There are many more, but these guys are living breathing true artists, that move the soul with their music.
If you enjoy music, you need to find where these guys play and go see them.
If you can't make their shows just go find a live music show somewhere in cowtown.
You will be glad you spent the time to de-stress and get you soul jumping.
If you don’t have time for that, then when you get in your ride turn on 95.9 the Ranch — a real true Fort Worth station based here in downtown.
They have an awesome playlist and bring Texans real Texas Music of all types.
Whatever your choice just listen to some awesome artists at any time.
It will help you heal your soul and make you smile.
There’s no better way to start or end your day than being happy and stress free.

I.B. Trey Chapman III