5 Things You Need to Know About Panther Island Ice


Panther Island Ice made its debut four years ago in Fort Worth, giving many of us great memories and fun times to look back on in the future. The rink is making its return this November, and there are some interesting things you should know about one of Fort Worth’s most beloved attractions.

1. It’s philanthropic.

Through partnerships, contributions and their own generosity, Panther Island Ice helps out the Fort Worth community. On Tuesdays, in partnership with Tarrant Area Food Bank, they will be offering discounts to attendees who bring two canned goods upon entry. These donations will go to Tarrant Area Food Bank, all while you get $2 off your original admission price. Also, Panther Island Ice’s School on Skates program gives Fort Worth third through fifth graders the chance to ice skate for free.

2. There’s a military discount.

Panther Island Ice is also offering military discounts, thanks to contributions from Lockheed Martin. Bring your official military ID and experience Panther Island Ice at a cheaper price. This price will be $9 compared to the regular admission price of $12. This discount will be available to any active-duty military, reservists, veterans and families of those who serve.

3. And there are other discounts, too.

Panther Island Ice has numerous opportunities to pay admission at a discounted price including “Cheap Skate Night.” Cheap Skate Night will be held on Mondays, and admission will be $6 compared to the regular admission price of $12. If you are busy on Mondays, bring two canned goods on Tuesdays and get $2 off original admission price. And if you’re a student at Tarrant County College, bring your student ID to lower your admission price to $9.

4. It’s not just for Christmas time.

Panther Island Ice will be open November through January (Nov. 18 - Jan. 16, to be exact), including major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Also, it’s not just for Christmas time, so you can possibly make Panther Island Ice a Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve/Day family tradition, or it can be something fun to do just in case you don’t have any major plans this year.

5. It’s becoming a family tradition.

Since the rink opened four years ago, many Fort Worth families have intentionally or unintentionally made this a holiday family tradition, due to Panther Island Ice being the only ice rink of its kind in Fort Worth. It’s great having something that is open every day rather than a weekend or two during the season. This makes Panther Island Ice something that Fort Worth families can attend anytime during November-January, which is useful for those family members visiting who may miss out on the other great Christmas-y events in Fort Worth.

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