6 New ‘Insta-Worthy’ Murals to Watch Out For

by Andrew Van Heusden

Get your cameras ready — artists are bringing more colorful murals to the city. Some have just finished being painted, while others are in the works. Here’s an update on what’s new and what’s yet to come.

#YouAreNear Mural

This new mural, located at 400 W. Vickery Blvd., was completed by SoCo Collective Artists Kristen Soble and Brooke Collins and depicts local businesses and imagery that represents the Near Southside.

Pac-Man Mural

The Pac-Man-style maze at the back of the future home of pinball arcade bar, The Craftcade, is almost complete. Owner Calvin Shelby says Dallas artist Steve Hunter is painting the mural. Pac-Man will be joined by the colorful ghosts. Qbert, another popular arcade character, is already painted right next to the maze.

28 Days of Mantras

“I am that I am” and “Where I am right now is where I need to be” are just some of the sayings Dallas artist Brennen Bechtol has added to The Foundry District. Throughout February, Bechtol is adding 28 pop art-style mantras to the walls — one per day. Visitors are encouraged to post their pictures with the hashtags #TheFoundryDistrictFW and #28Mantras.

Upcoming Mural at Doc’s Record and Vintage

A mural is planned for the front of the new Doc’s Record and Vintage location at 2632 Weisenberger St. No plans are official, but owner Jenkins Boyd hints that a Jimi Hendrix-eque character might be the main star on the wall.

Upcoming Mural at Gateway Park

You’ve seen the monkey mural on the side wall of Lettuce Cook and the butterfly mural on Pearl Snap Kolaches; now be on the lookout for Jimmy Jenkins’ next mural at Gateway Park. Jenkins says that all of these murals will eventually tell a story, and the next piece of the puzzle should be completed by April.

Upcoming Inspiration Alley Project

Inspiration Alley has filled The Foundry District with plenty of color, but it’s not over yet. Six more murals painted by six North Texas artists will be added to the walls soon. More details will be announced at Spring Gallery Night on March 24.