Check Out PRIZM's New Single


PRIZM, an 80s-inspired pop duo that many might know from their folk/soul/blues/Fleetwood Mac-tribute moniker, Danni and Kris, have released a new single called “Neon Road.”

The Pat Benatar-esque power ballad is rife with synths and retro effects that harken back to a time when Tears for Fears were topping the charts.

Click on the link below for an exclusive first listen to the song.

Neon Road

This is the first song released since PRIZM’s EP hit the airwaves January.

“Our debut EP was very upbeat and had a dance vibe to it so we're excited to share a more cinematic feel,” the duo says.

Danni James and Kris Williams will also be taking this project, for the first time, to the stage. You can catch the pair’s first live performance on April 13 at Three Links in Deep Ellum, where they’ll open for nostalgia rockers Atlantis Aquarius.