Dolls and Domestic Life Star in The Modern’s Newest Exhibit


by Marissa Alvarado

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth will begin the exhibition “Big Camera/Little Camera” on Sunday.

The works by Laurie Simmons will include photographs spanning the last four decades, from 1976 to the present, a few select sculptures and two films. Simmons’s work explores gender roles, specifically women in domestic settings.

One distinguishing characteristic of Simmons’s work is the use of dolls photographed in small, somber settings. By doing this, Simmons uses fictional scenes to create interpretations of real life.

“Simmons’s imagery takes into account her own experience of coming of age in the 1950s,” senior curator Andrea Karnes said in a statement. “Without being autobiographical or spelling out specific narratives, however, the work strikes a psychological chord, seeming to underscore the difficulties of living the American dream, or in a larger context, any dream of domestic bliss.”

The exhibition will include many other series of works by Simmons and run through Jan. 27.