Fort Worth’s Most Instagram-Worthy Locations

By now you know that Instagram’s ability to combine photos or videos with easy-to-use edits and filters allows anyone to be a photographer for a day. That’s exactly what I did when I made this list of Fort Worth’s Most Instagram-Worthy Locations. Check it out:

Airfield Falls

Trinity Trails is one of the best places to photograph nature in Fort Worth. Located just one mile from the Westworth Village City Hall trail connection is Airfield Falls. Most people don’t know that this is Tarrant County’s only natural waterfall, and the views are worth the hike.

Melt Ice Creams

It’s hard to miss the large yellow walls of Melt Ice Creams, and you can get that perfect shot at Melt's new and improved Magnolia location. My favorite thing to do is use the bare wall as an #OOTD backdrop.

“Dream On Dreamer” Mural

"Dream on Dreamer" is a mural not too many people know about, located at 5700 Locke Ave. This partially abstract painting of a woman pays homage to the women who own the building – Susan Gruppi and Jessica Worman, twin TCU graduates who left their jobs to start their own commercial real estate company, M2G Ventures. They say the mural is meant “to inspire others to keep pushing their limits."

Sundance Square

Located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, Sundance Square is an iconic place for locals and tourists alike. Take a picture of the Chisholm Trail Mural and fountains, or capture it all in a wide panoramic shot.


Quickly becoming one of the most popular coffee shops in Fort Worth, BREWED is any Fixer Upper fan’s dream, thanks to upcycled, shabby-chic décor. Capture the moment by posing with the mural outside that reads, “Love the Fort, Worth the Love.”

Magnolia Micro-Park

Located at the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and Henderson Street, the Magnolia Micro-Park is perfect for anyone interested in contemporary or public art. A large shipping container has been modified into a temporary art gallery. The park also includes colorful seating and several other spots that are perfect for your next Instagram photo.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

The Fort Worth Water Gardens is made up of three large foundations that create a refreshing urban oasis in downtown Fort Worth. Snap a pic from above, or climb down the steps to get a closer shot. Don’t forget about the perfectly-shaded, serene quiet pool where you can relax and dip your feet in.

Fort Worth Stockyards

The historic Fort Worth Stockyards is a perfect place to snag that authentic Texan photo. The cobblestone streets, neon signs and longhorns create a great backdrop to any Instagram post.  

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

A place where I love to take pictures is the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Not only can you take photographs gazing at art, but you can also just snap pics of the building itself. The concrete floors and man-made water features are an architectural treasure.

So go out, snap and post away. Be sure to follow and tag @fwtxmag in all of your posts!

Cover image from @brewedfw