Fort Worth Instagram Images of the Week

by: Erin Pinkham

The summer sun seems to be bringing out the creativity in Funkytown. Here are some of our favorite photos from our Instagram feed. 



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Picture: American Minimalist Sculptor Richard Serra’s piece outside the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art. I LOVE IT. Especially jumping up and down inside of it and hearing the acoustics... . I am grateful for the purest joy of laying in bed on a Sunday morning. Warm, letting your muscles stretch and soaking in the sunlight streaming in through the windows. I am grateful for an afternoon spent with my mom getting her business to the next level - or at least starting to. I am grateful for Amazon one click, because I can think about the wide rear view mirrors you see in Japanese taxis and buy one within 30 seconds. I am grateful for giant giant light bulbs that are so huge they make me giggle. . My moment of being present was my back aching from taking lots of photos for mom’s eBay biz. It’s hard work and I have a new appreciation for photographers. . #art #serra #richardserra #scultptor #outsideart #artmusuem #artsy #rust #rusty #bluesky #dfw #dallas #fortworth #fortworthartscene

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Morning coffee runs #ampersandtx

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