Fort Worth's 5 Most Frightening Places


Halloween is falling on everyone’s least favorite day of the week this year, but it’s still Halloween, and there are still many things to do other than eat candy or watch horror flicks. Luckily, Fort Worth is home to multiple, genuinely spooky attractions that are perfect for the season.

1. Cutting Edge Haunted House

As the sixth most terrifying haunted house in the U.S. by Yahoo Travel, Cutting Edge Haunted House is by far the most popular haunted attraction in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The world’s largest walk-through haunted house, according to Guinness World Records, not only has a reputation in Fort Worth, but also the country, being nationally ranked on numerous lists. It’s even been featured on a Japanese TV show, which just goes to show that this haunted house has its reputation for a reason.

2. Hangman’s House of Horrors

Celebrating its 28th anniversary this year, Hangman’s is more than just another haunted house. What makes Hangman’s House of Horrors unique, other than featuring three attractions, is its dedication to philanthropy. According to its website, Hangman’s has donated nearly $2 million to charities in the area. So, in addition to paying for a thrilling experience, you’re also helping local charities by supporting Hangman’s.

3. Fort Worth’s Ghost Bus Tour

Haunted houses aren’t the only thing that Fort Worth can offer around Halloween time. There are also a few ghost tours here, including the Ghost Bus Tour. Fort Worth’s Ghost Bus Tour departs from Acre Distillery and goes on to visit Parker Cabin, the location where John F. Kennedy gave his last speech, and other locations. In addition to visiting some of Fort Worth’s historic locations, Fort Worth’s Ghost Bus Tour also has a unique cocktail menu available to everyone, provided by Acre Distillery. So if your friends are afraid of ghosts, you can tell them to at least go for the drinks.

4. Oakwood Cemetery Tour

Oakwood Cemetery is the resting site for some of Fort Worth’s historical figures. They offer tours on the last weekend of October, just before Halloween. With beautiful scenery, Oakwood Cemetery’s tour is something great for everyone, considering it’s not purposely scary – it’s more of an educational experience that the whole family can enjoy.

5. Stockyards Ghost Tour

Finally, the Stockyards Ghost Tour is one of the best options when it comes to authenticity. Fort Worth’s historic Stockyards is pretty well known for having ghostly activity going on. According to its website, you will be walking through the Stockyards for 90 minutes, stopping at places such as the Cadillac Hotel, The Stockyards Hotel and more. You will also be hearing chilling stories about ghostly activity that many have experienced, all while learning about the history of the Stockyards at the same time.