Popular Fort Worth Musician to Open Art Gallery Near West Vickery

Pat Green dives into the art scene with a new gallery near West Vickery Boulevard.

Pat Green is best known for his music, but he also happens to be an avid sculptor and painter — so much so, that he's opening an art gallery near West Vickery Boulevard.

Green plans to open the gallery next door to the Fort Worth Barber Shop on Lovell Avenue, just minutes from LOCAL Design Studios and Gallery, where wife Kori Green has a studio and showroom for jewelry company Kori Green Designs. The approximately 2,000-square-foot space will be named Galleywinter Galleries, after the farm Green grew up on in Bosqueville, Texas. (The farm was also the inspiration for Green's song "Galleywinter.") 

Galleywinter Galleries will primarily showcase work by Green, as well as paintings by Ginger Walker and Cheryl Hodge, that will all be for sale. The back of the gallery will act as a workspace for all three artists, who have currently been working out of their homes. Green says he's also open to using the space to show the work of other local artists. 

While the opening date is a "moving target," Green says he expects the gallery to open in early February. 

One of Green's sculptures was featured at The Art Station's Public Figures/Private Artists event in September. See the work here