Spoiler Alert: Our May Cover is a Work of Art — Literally

The May cover of Fort Worth Magazine features the work of artist and sign painter, Sean Starr of Starr Studios, who two years ago graced the cover of the Dallas Observer. His previous work includes painting the cover of the Toadies’ 2015 album Heretics, Denton’s Jupiter House Coffee and Dallas’ Mudsmith.

Starr in his studio. Photo by Exploredinary

The cover was inspired by sixth-generation pub owners in Limerick, Ireland. Starr utilized glass as a canvas and used copper, 23-karat yellow gold, 12-karat white gold and silver leaf to achieve the cover’s mirror-like affect. It took him 35 hours to complete, and it took the Fort Worth Magazine staff an additional eight hours to photograph and edit.

Photo by Exploredinary

To capture the highly reflective piece, Fort Worth Magazine staff cut a hole in the center of a white seamless and photographed behind it, so the lens could peak through the hole. It's a beautiful work of art — but even more spectacular in person.

Starr's next project — partnering with fellow sign painter Norma Jeanne Maloney in July to open a gallery in Taylor, which will include workshops, musicians and jam sessions. Click to see updates on the Maloney Starr Gallery.

Sean Starr with Norma Jeanne Maloney. Photo by Romy Suskin