What to Do This Weekend in Fort Worth

From creating a masterpiece to destroying targets, there’s something for everyone in our top selections this weekend.

Pictured: Lyle Lovett and His Big Band

by Sheila Ellis

From creating a masterpiece to destroying targets, there’s something for everyone in our top selections this weekend.

Friday, Aug. 17

Make Your Own Terrarium at Black Eyed Distilling, 6–7 p.m.
Tucked into Fort Worth’s Historic Fire Station No. 5, Black Eyed Distilling creates the world’s only black-eyed pea-based vodka. Black Eyed says that the pea’s starchy quality helps feed yeast during fermentation, which makes for a better product. With that in mind, how could a trip to this unique distillery be any better? Why, with Ephemera, of course. Create your own terrarium, then decorate it with Ephemera’s doo-dads all while sipping on cocktails.

Painting in the Pavilion, 6–9 p.m.
Pack up your paint brushes and head to Sundance Square’s Pavilion for a night of community painting, with nearby Thomas Kinkade Gallery co-hosting. Be sure to perfect your dreamy, I-live-for-art aura, because Zachary Kinkade (nephew to, you guessed it, that Kinkade) is attending, too. Mi Cocina is catering the event with a cash drink bar and free taco bar. Tickets are $50.

Saturday, Aug. 18

Last Call Market, 9 a.m.–6 p.m.
If you always choose big-box store décor and fashion over locally made items, stop. Or, at least take a break and treat yourself at Last Call Market. This all-day event is at Artspace111 and will have discounted products from a variety of local craftsmen and businesses. Keep an eye out for Wrare’s industrial furnishings, Casey & Co.’s feminine styles and the Squire Shop’s classy menswear.

National Aviation Day, 10 a.m.–4 p.m.
In the age of space travel and frequent airplane trips from one city to the next, it can be easy to neglect how exceptional aviation is. Remind yourself this Saturday when themed games, exhibits, STEM activities and demonstrations take over the Fort Worth Aviation Museum. Admission is $5 for individuals or $10 for families. You wouldn’t want to miss this and disappoint Mr. Orville Wright, would you?

Prairie Sky/Star Party, 7 p.m.–10 p.m.
If you own any galaxy print attire, attending the Fort Worth Astronomical Society’s Star Party is mandatory. Stargazing commences at Tandy Hills Nature Area, where 160 acres of indigenous prairie sits free from light pollution. Members of the Astronomical Society contribute their equipment so stargazers can spot all the planets hanging out in the sky.

Lyle Lovett & His Large Band, begins at 7:30
Lyle Lovett & His Large Band have made this annual appearance at the Bass Performance Hall a beloved tradition. The crew has also made it to the Grammy Awards, Billboard charts and hearts of Texans with their captivating southern sound and witty lyrics. Tickets start at $66, which is cheaper than buying a pony and a boat.

Sunday, Aug. 19

Machine Guns and Mimosas, 11 a.m.–2 p.m.
Let’s get one thing out of the way: They serve the mimosas after you shoot the machine guns. If you want to mix the two, get your own shooting range — or, actually, please don’t. Tickets to this event are $40 and include two mags to empty, gun rental, targets, coaching if you need it, eye and ear protection, brunch and a mimosa bar.

Sunday Cinema Series 7–9 p.m.
The Lone Star Film Society has hosted Sunday Cinema Series at Four Day Weekend all summer. Foreign, independent or otherwise obscure films have all made appearances, and if you haven’t been able to catch any of them, now’s your last chance. The finale for this season’s series is “Every Which Way But Loose,” significant for Clint Eastwood’s unpredictably comedic role. Manis the orangutan contributed to the movie’s success by playing the dynamic character Clyde (also an orangutan).