Where to Get a Mini Version of Yourself in Fort Worth


You start by standing inside a device known as a “Dooblicator” for a full scan. Next, 66 cameras go off all at once, recording your every detail from all angles (right down to your tattoos and the cell phone in your hip pocket) and capturing the image in one-eightieth of a second. From that image comes a model and a realistic sculpture — or “Doob” — via 3D printer.

That’s the business of Doob — a full-service 3D tech company founded in Dusseldorf, Germany, that opened a partner location at 4818 Camp Bowie Blvd. earlier this year. The company has regional headquarters in New York and Tokyo, and other partner locations can be found in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, San Diego and Kansas City.

The resin replicas are available in five different sizes — from 4 – 14 inches tall — priced from $99 to $699. Some people have used them as personalized cake toppers at weddings; others just want to capture an age or stage of a loved one. Delivery takes about two to three weeks.

Along with the 3D artworks, the company offers products such as digital Doobs (high-resolution files) that can be used for movies, animations and games, as well as avatars for virtual reality.

"So far, the response has far exceeded our expectations," says Rhonda Stepp Felton, partner and owner of Doob Fort Worth. Since hers is the only Texas location, she has clients driving from Austin and Houston to take advantage of the technology. One such customer, who happens to be a professional poker player, had a Doob made of himself that will be on display at the 50th Annual World Championship of Poker, held in Las Vegas beginning in May.

“Technology and art can be merged to create something brand new for locals to experience — we will be adding to the Fort Worth scene that is already rich in the arts,” Felton says. “Our motto is ‘live life in 3D,’ which is why we love being a part of someone’s wedding, baby announcement, graduation and other milestones of life.”