Workshop Asks Fort Worth Residents What They Want for Hemphill Street

The Near Southside area of Fort Worth is one of the most thriving and fastest-growing areas in Fort Worth. It’s constantly changing and being renovated due to efforts of local groups and residents.

Envision Hemphill is one of these efforts. It’s a four-day (Dec. 7 - Dec. 10) visioning and design workshop meant to improve Hemphill Street, as well as expand Fire Station Park at 1616 Hemphill.

According to an ArtsGoggle survey, many locals support the addition of bike lines, safe crosswalks, on-street retail parking, and other renovations to Hemphill Street. Also, nearly everyone who took the survey believes Hemphill Street is currently unsafe for cyclists and pedestrians and doesn’t promote new business activity.

Other survey responders also supported the expansion of Fire Station Park, which includes adding more than an acre to the park, along with a skate park, a dog park, spaces for farmers markets and events, shaded areas for relaxation, and other amenities.

The first day of Envision Hemphill will be an introduction to the workshop, primarily focusing on the bike infrastructure of Hemphill.

The second day will feature a walking audit observing the conditions and potential changes that can be made to Hemphill Street, followed by a meeting discussing those observations.

The third day of the workshop will concentrate on simple ways to improve Hemphill Street and Fire Station Park. The consultants will present “LQC” (lighter, quicker, cheaper) practices and provide examples of similar practices across the country.

The workshop ends with a bang – its Hemphill Park Party will showcase live music, kids activities, holiday vendors and food trucks. This will be held at Fire Station Park, shortly after the final workshop concludes.

You can help this effort by attending any of the workshop days, as well as joining the LQC team.

Learn more about Envision Hemphill here.