You Know You’re a Fort Worthian When...



Fort Worth is often synonymous with cowboys, horses and nods to the West. It still is, but in recent years, Fort Worth has been embracing its funkier side as well. The marriage of both is what makes Fort Worth, Fort Worth. If any of the following sounds like you, you must be a local.

You get your coffee from Avoca because you’re too cool for Starbucks.

Fort Worth has a Starbucks on almost every block, certainly. But you’re a local. And locals much rather prefer a jolt from the New Orleans-Style or something else made by the local company. Pair it with a muffin from Stir Crazy Baked Goods, and you’re ready to slay the day.

You know what the New Orleans-Style is.

That is, one of Avoca’s cold brews made with syrup and milk over ice. It’s the strongest thing on the menu.

You schedule your events around TCU sporting activities.

You don’t just cheer for purple; you bleed it. This is why fall weddings are a no-no, but if you happen to say “yes” to one, you make sure to download the ESPN or FOX Sports apps to keep up with the game.

You have a curated ranking of taco joints.

Salsa Limón. Taco Heads. Yucatan Taco Stand. Chances are, you’ve been to all of them plus more, you know exactly what makes each of them different, and you have a curated ranking of your personal favorites.

You never get tired of barbecue.

Sure, you make your rounds at Heim, Riscky’s, Woodshed and Railhead. But you have your favorite hidden gems too. And if a new barbecue restaurant opens up, well, of course you’re going to be first in line to try it.

You have your parking hacks for downtown, West Seventh, the Near Southside and TCU.

Those are for true Fort Worthians to know and for everyone else to find out.

Public art = photo op.

Your camera roll likely has at least one photo with “Love the Fort, Worth the Love,” the “Riff Ram” mural in the Near Southside and one of the “Dreamer” murals — and you probably have more. Fort Worthians are basically trained so that the moment they see a massive work of art on a wall — or any other piece of public art, for that matter — they just have to take a photo with it. All for the ‘gram, ya know?

You have an affinity for all things vintage.

Fort Worth is naturally nostalgic, and its Western heritage is certainly alive in the big city. That’s why you most likely have an inclination toward rustic-chic, you gravitate toward the look of wood and gold, and you either have or wish you had something from W Durable Goods.

You’re friends with someone who runs a big business...

That one CEO of that one multimillion dollar company turns out to be quite nice and lives right here in the Fort. You often run into him or her at philanthropic functions — or at Central Market. One of the two.

...or someone who owns a relatively popular local business.

Perhaps it’s the owner of that funky little ice cream parlor. Or that stylish fellow who runs the barber shop you always go to. Or the chef who owns a couple fine dining restaurants in the city. Either way, y’all are buds. And you’ll do anything to support them.

Live music is your jam.

The city has enough live music venues to suit your current mood. Country? Billy Bob’s Texas. Jazz? Scat Jazz Lounge. Classical? Bass Hall. Underground indie? Basically anything in the Near Southside. Either way, Fort Worthians can’t resist someone with a hat and an acoustic guitar, or a DJ with shutter shades. 

You own a pair of cowboy boots.

...that go along with dresses, duh (or jeans). But with Fort Worth-based companies like M.L. Leddy’s and Justin, it’s only customary for locals to have at least one pair.

You’re just a straight-up nice person.

They say Fort Worth is the “biggest small town,” but it’s not just because of the balanced mix of cowboys and culture. This is a city where gentlemen still open the door for ladies, where affluent folks are willing to open their wallets for causes they support, and where talking it out is much preferred over fighting it out. Fort Worthians are just nice people by nature, and if you’re a meanie, well, you must not be a true Fort Worthian.