5 Unconventional Western Looks for the Stock Show

The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is in town and Fort Worthians everywhere are two-stepping for joy. This event only comes around once a year and many of us wait for it like it's Christmas morning.

There's no doubt that during this time of year we start seeing more and more cowboy hats around town, but what if that's not exactly your style? How are you supposed to attend the rodeo and expect to fit in when cowboy boots and turquoise (ahem, everything) just isn't your cup of tea? Well good news - I'm here to settle your nerves. By following a few fashion tips, you can still attend the stock show on-trend and in your own style, without feeling obligated to dress out of your comfort zone.

The Distressed look

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Can't wear your favorite pair of ripped jeans to work? No problem - dig out your faded, distressed jeans to flaunt at the rodeo. Ripped jeans might be on-trend in the fashion world right now, but the crowd at the stock show will simply think you're fitting in.

High-Waisted Jeans

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High-waisted jeans, otherwise known as "mom jeans" are actually back in style; according to Kendall Jenner at least. If you've got legs for days and a waist to show off, then you're the perfect fit to sport this look during the rodeo. By pairing some booties with your outfit, your legs will appear even taller. And don't forget your hint of western flair; finish off the look with a western-inspired belt.

The Understatement

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Not into going over-the-top for the rodeo? Yeah, me neither. I'm more of a low-key, casual kind of gal. If you're in the same boat as I am, go for a more understated look. Throw on one of your favorite v-necks and go-to jeans and you're ready to roll. A wide-brimmed hat might add to the look if you're wanting to take it one step further.

70s Boho

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If you ask me, I'm not really sure if 70s fashion ever went out of style. Do I wear these looks on a daily basis? No, of course not, but busting out this look for the stock show is the perfect way to stick out from the crowd. It has a touch of western, but you won't feel too out of your comfort zone if western isn't totally your style.

Fringe Alert

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Fringe made a huge comeback last year and it's here to stay for the rodeo. If you're wanting to modernize the look a bit, pair a fringe skirt with a simple button-up and neutral accessories. And keep in mind; there is a very important rule when it comes to fringe. Only one item allowed! Fringe is a big statement in itself. Pick just one item to be your show-stopper. Whether it be a skirt, handbag, jacket etc., only choose one!