Comfy not Frumpy Sweater Weather

My favorite part about colder weather? Comfortable sweaters! It's time to take out your favorite sweaters and cardigans and cozy up to a warmer fashion sense.

You do, however, have to make sure they don't swallow you whole and take over your entire outfit. When you wear oversized sweaters, it's all about balance. So when you have on a less form-fitting top, wear some fitting jeans or show some skin with a full skirt. There are many ways you can balance your winter look, so play with your sweaters until you find your perfect colder weather fit. 

Sweaters and Fitted Jeans or Leggings

With so much material on the top, it's good to pair oversized sweaters with fitted bottoms. Show off your shape in these large tops with black jeans or leggings.

Photo courtesy of Fashion Gum and SS Life + Style.

Photo courtesy of Stylish Wife


Sweaters and Thigh-High Boots

Because sweaters can be a little overpowering, showing a little skin helps break up all of the heavy material. Pair a large cardigan or sweater with a pair of thigh-high boots and you will look comfortable and fashion forward. 

Photo courtesy of Wachabuy and Wendy's Lookbook


Sweaters and Textured Skirts

Here's a way to stay cool during the fall when the weather is still a little warm. Match your favorite bulky sweater with a textured skirt to create a fun fall look. And when it starts to get colder, amp up your outfit with textured tights or boots! Make sure you chose the pieces of this outfit carefully. You don't want to have a full top and a full bottom, so see how the outfit lays before strutting the streets. 

Photo courtesy of Make You Smile

Photo courtesy Wachabuy and Fashion Gum

Sweater weather is something that everyone can get behind. With such comfortable and stylish options, it's easy to be fashion forward this cold weather season.