Designer Feature – Esé Azénabor

Bold, fresh, and elegant designs – It’s time to meet Dallas designer Esé Azénabor. With a flair for drama, Esé’s unique creations are making a buzz on the fashion scene both locally and across the nation. Esé has shown her collections on numerous North Texas stages, but now the talent is making her way to the most important runway in the world – a coveted spot during this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York (September 18-22). Check out the September issue of Fort Worth Texas Magazine for a special feature of Esé’s couture line, and keep reading here to get to know the woman behind the dress.

Holland: How would you describe your signature style? And what type of woman do your design for?

Esé: My style is old glamour with a modern twist. I design for a woman that wants to stand out; she wears my clothes not just because it looks great, but because she understands the craftsmanship behind each design.

H: How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
E: Before entering the fashion industry, I made clothes for my friends. They received my designs so well that I decided to pursue my passion for fashion. My first fashion show was in 2013, and it took me a year to complete the collection. Rhonda Chambers was the MC of the show and attracted the right crowd to my first presentation. Word-of-mouth spread fast in the Dallas Fashion industry about my craftsmanship.

H: Tell me a little about your line debuting at NYFW this September.
E: It is my most elaborate collection so far. Custom digital print work, my classic jumpsuit, beading on top of custom prints, and hand painted fabric. It is very feminine, form flattering shapes.

H: What is your favorite thing or moment about being a designer at NYFW?
E: Seeing a creation in my head come to life at the most prominent runway in the world gives me a rush!

H: Where can people find your garments in DFW?
E: We are currently carried at Demerara's and soon Moreau Boutique in West Village, and our show room (100 Cole Street, Dallas TX 75207). Our garments can also be found online

H: What is next for Esé Azénabor?
E: International expansion, the grand opening of our show room, and a flagship store front in Dallas.