Fall Boot Camp: How and When to Wear Boots

As a wardrobe consultant and stylist, one of the questions I am always asked is "When can I start wearing boots?" The transition from summer to fall, and winter to spring prove to be the most difficult for women to figure out what to wear and what NOT to wear. With regards to footwear, it is not uncommon to see both sandals and boots worn during these months since you really never know what the weather is going to be one day to the next! With the evolution of ankle boots to a year-round option, this blurs the lines even more. In this Boot Camp blog post, we will tackle the dos and don’ts of wearing boots in Texas.

Ankle Boots

Over the last few years, we’ve seen these traditionally fall shoes morph in to spring and summer wardrobes. The key to pulling this look off is to keep the boots a lighter neutral color. Tan, beige, ivory, and dove gray are all great options.  If wearing with a skirt or dress, remember that the longer the skirt, the higher the heel needs to be in order to keep a good proportion. Once fall hits though, anything goes with these versatile babies. I love them with short or tall socks and skirts or with your skinniest pants with a hint of ankle showing. 

Mid-calf Boots 

I love these for the transition from summer to fall; especially in Texas when it’s still in the 80s in October. By then, I am OVER wearing sandals and having to keep up with a pedicure, but it can still be too warm to wear a full riding boot. They work with skirts and dresses, as well as cropped pants.

Knee-high Boots

As far as the calendar is concerned, once we hit October, knee-high boots are fair game. As we all know though, October can still be pretty warm in Texas, and the last thing anyone wants is sweaty feet! Let the temperature be your guide and don’t drag out the boots until that first cold front hits. Layer with over-the-knee socks with dresses or some fab patterned hosiery to amp up your style.

Over-the-knee Boots

These are a huge trend this fall, worn with minis, boho dresses, and even shorts (not too sure about that look). If you opt for the short hem/tall boot look, make sure the outfit has some coverage; long sleeves, high neck, etc. to avoid looking too “Pretty Woman”. Of course, skinny jeans and a fabulous coat are always an amazing option

Cowboy Boots

Don’t worry, we know Texas girls will wear their cowboy boots anytime of year, with pretty much anything. And we are OK with that. God Bless Texas!