Five Local Businesses to Open on West Vickery

From left to right: Emily Lee (The Bow Next Door), Amanda Galati (Lila+Hayes), Paige Casey (Lila+Hayes), Kori Green (Kori Green Jewelry), Calli Galati (Wabash Road), Ro Rynd (Ro Rynd Interiors), and Rachel Hausser (Wabash Road)

Five businesses are set to open at 3610 West Vickery Blvd. — all focused on design, and all owned by local women.

The project, dubbed LOCAL Designs Studios + Gallery, will house children’s boutique Lila + Hayes, hair bow and bow tie company The Bow Next Door, jewelry designer Kori Green Designs, home furnishing shop Ro Rynd Interiors and paper type and printing company Wabash Road. The grand opening for the 2,880-square-foot-space will be Oct. 4.

The companies will use the space primarily for office and warehousing, but a storefront will be open to the public every Wednesday. On the first Wednesday of each month, the shop will host a monthly gallery night with wine and shopping, and “possibly feature guest designers, artists, and trunk shows,” says Paige Casey, who co-owns Lila + Hayes with Amanda Galati. Casey and Galati spearheaded the creation of LOCAL. 

Amanda Galati and Paige Casey

While Lila + Hayes and The Bow Next Door, owned by Emily Lee, focus on children’s clothing, the three other stores are geared more toward adults. Kori Green Designs, owned by Kori Green, will carry eclectic jewelry like bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Ro Rynd Interiors, owned by Ro Rynd, carries modern, contemporary and traditional furniture. Wabash Road, owned by Calli Galati and Rachel Hausser, will offer items like personalized stationery, gift tags and invitations.

Each company started as a simple creative outlet before eventually becoming a business collaboration. For example, Lila + Hayes began when Casey and Galati struggled to find “sweet, soft clothing” for their children. The Bow Next Door began after Lee created a bow out of leftover fabric for her daughter.

“We all know the challenges of running a small business and a family, but working together with LOCAL, we will all now have the support of our fellow mompreneurs,” Lee says.