Mad About Plaid

With the weather cooling down and fall fashion heating up, it's time to re-look at plaid. It's taking over cold weather clothes, and can be easily integrated into your every day style. Whether you want to freshen up a classic, comfortable outfit or switch up your work attire, get ready to go mad for plaid. Here are some style experts that can teach you how to wear plaid this fall. 


Flannel shirts are a great way to switch up your casual look. They add in a touch of personal style and look great with a simple v-neck and jeans. This look works just about everywhere in the fall. 

Photos courtesy of the Daybook and World Inside Pictures.


For a plaid piece you can wear all season long, plaid coats are great for looking fashion forward on the go. Throw on one of these coats with a pair of boots as you are running out the door and you will look polished and ready for any fall festivities.  

Photos courtesy of Wachabuy and Nordstrom.


If you want to start out small, add a stylish plaid scarf to your wardrobe. You can transform any outfit into a fall look with this fun accessory. Whether you like scarves in blanket or infinity style, you will stay warm while also staying fashionable.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Wachabuy.


If you want the flannel style but not the bulk, try out a plaid shirt. These shirts can be paired with all different kinds of bottoms depending on the occasion and your personal style. 

Photo courtesy of Just the Design and Wachabuy


If you want to have plaid as a statement piece, try something daring like a plaid suit or a plaid pencil skirt. You can bring these pieces into your office attire and spice up your work look.   

Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Pretty Designs.

What else are you trying out this fall season? Tell us about your favorite fall fashion trends in the comments!