Street Fashion: TCU Gameday

We hit the streets on Saturday at the TCU v. University of Texas Homecoming Game to check out all the gameday fashions. Being a TCU alum, I am always on the hunt for more purple for my wardrobe. 

Last weekend loose, flowy dresses dominated the crowds in all shades of purple and in white. With TCU orchestrating color-blocked seating in the stadium, you have to be prepared to mix up the colors a little. Personally, I'm looking forward to the blackout game in a few weeks; makes getting dressed just a little bit easier!

TCU game day fashions

One thing is for sure, if you want to fit in to the crowd on Gameday, make sure you go out and get a pair of cowboy boots. Worn with everything from shorts to dresses to jeans, they are the staple footwear for a football game. Quite honestly, it makes sense. Your favorite pair of boots are perfect for all the walking you do at a football game - you just can't beat them for comfort.

Feel like splurging? TCU logo cowboy boots might just be what you need. 

keep the weirdos in austin

We also loved seeing all the T-shirts with the clever phrases. Not that we don't love Austin, but well, you just can't beat Fort Worth! Am I right?

All images sourced from Instagram.