5 Reasons to be Thankful You Live in The Fort


If you’re already from Fort Worth and stayed, you’re smart. If you made the decision to move to Fort Worth, you’re a genius. We all ended up in this great city for a reason, and I can’t help but think to myself how lucky we all are to have landed here. There are far too many reasons I’m thankful for living in this vibrant town, but for the sake of not writing a novel today, I thought I would narrow it down to just five. 

1. When you go out to eat, jeans and a ball cap are perfectly acceptable.

Or if you’re into the whole cowboy thing, boots and a cowboy hat are even better. No, we’re not Dallas and we don’t require heels or a button-up in order to walk out the door. In fact, jeans and a v-neck might actually be preferred.

2. TCU is literally in our backyard.

Although I’m a Baylor Bear (be kind, please) the color purple bleeds beautifully throughout the city. And as much as I hate to admit it, seeing TCU’s stadium stand tall when you drive by campus is a sight that’s hard not to love.

3. We’ve got the best downtown on earth.

Sure, that’s a bold statement, but am I wrong people? No. I’m not wrong. Between Sundance Square, the Water Gardens, and dinner spots like Bird Café and Piranha’s Sushi (to name a few of my personal faves), it’s really hard to not fall madly in love with Fort Worth’s downtown. Not to mention it might be the cleanest downtown with the most security I’ve ever seen. Tidy, safe, and fun. Count me in.

4. We’re growing like a weed in the spring.

With new developments happening like the Trinity River Boardwalk, the continued growth of Magnolia Avenue, the revival of Hemphill Street, and of course the new development of the Stockyards, Fort Worth just keeps on growing. And in typical Fort Worth fashion, we’re growing while still keeping true to our “small town, big city” roots.

5. People still hold the door open for you.

Maybe it’s the way our parents raised us, or maybe it’s just the lay of the land. Or maybe it’s both. Either way, no one is a stranger in Fort Worth. You hold open elevator doors for one another and strike up conversations with people you’ve never met. To us Fort Worthians, it’s no big deal because if you live in Fort Worth, you must be cool.

Photo Credit: Brian Luenser

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