6 Ways to Fight Cold (and Boredom) in Fort Worth

Photo from Summit Instagram

by Meg Hemmerle

Anything below 55 is considered cold in Texas and Fort Worth can’t seem to shake the “freezing” temperatures and Noah’s Ark-style rain. Here are some ways to fight the cold and still have fun in the Fort.

1. Scale a wall.

Fort Worth finally got a Summit gym of its own last December. The West Seventh-area climbing center features Instagram-friendly rock walls open to all ages and ability levels. Summit also hosts yoga and other fitness classes. 

2. Toss some skeeball.

Barcadia Bar & Grill lets adults be kids with over 20 different arcade games to play — while still enjoying the perks of being an adult, like drinking one of the 24 beers on tap.

3. Drink away the blues.

Oh, Fort Worth has plenty of options for that. Trade in your rainboots for cowboy boots and visit Cowtown Winery in the Stockyards for its seasonal hot spiced wine. Or take a tour of a brewery like Rahr & Sons Brewing or Martin House Brewing Company, or distilleries like Firestone & Robertson and Acre Distilling.

4. Laugh it off.

Four Day Weekend

Just because the weather is gloomy doesn’t mean that your attitude has to be. Laugh off the cold at one of Fort Worth’s comedy clubs like Hyena's Comedy Nightclub or Four Day Weekend.

5. Visit some art.

Fort Worth has many renowned museums, but try visiting some of the the smaller galleries like William Campbell Contemporary Art or Artspace 111. Best part is admission to the galleries is free.

6. Drive-in and chill out.

Photo from Coyote Drive-In website

Rainy days are perfect movie days. If you wanna get caught in the storm, Coyote Drive-In stays open during bad weather and allows you to watch the rainfall and a movie all at once.