7 Spaces to Get Work Done


Sometimes staying cooped up in one location isn’t the best way to get work done. A change of environment often helps productivity, but finding a place that has the right atmosphere for working and is convenient can be a bother. Worry no more – here are some go-to workspaces to try whenever a productivity boost is needed.

1. Gather Cafe and Coffee

Gather Cafe and Coffee's outdoor patio space.

Located around the Keller area, Gather might not be as convenient as some of the other alternative places to work, but this newly opened spot is founded upon the idea of bringing people together over made-from-scratch food and craft coffee. The atmosphere is hip-meets-rustic-country-homestead. With ample space to work, inside and outside, paired with an eloquent menu, Gather makes for the perfect feel-good workspace.

12420 Timberland Blvd. Fort Worth


2. The patio at Central Market

Central Market is more than just a grocery store stacked with colorful and organic produce – it is also home to a beautiful outdoor patio. The patio is well lit at night, so it makes for a great workplace on a temperate Texas day or evening. Plus, there is ample food and drink available at the cafe if you work up an appetite.

4651 W. Freeway #100

3. Avoca

Avoca's Foch Street location.

A no-frills atmosphere with a hipster vibe makes this coffee shop the perfect place to get things done. Both Avoca locations offer ample seating and places to plug in your devices. Since most Avoca patrons are there to work, there is less chance a nearby chatty couple will distract you.

1311 W. Magnolia

835 Foch Street

4. Whole Foods

Another grocery-store-meets-workspace, Whole Foods is a great option for anyone who enjoys a bustling atmosphere. The newly-built grocery store at Waterside has a large open space filled with tables for working, enjoying a bite to eat, or both. There are plenty of fresh, ready-to-eat options, a coffee and juice bar, an actual bar, and of course, a full-scale grocery market.

3720 Convair Dr.

5. Craftwork Coffee Co

Craftwork Coffee Co's coffee featured in front of the signature coffee mural.

This is the epitome of a coffee shop made for getting down to business. Everyone is welcome to work and drink coffee, but for those in serious need of a workspace, the company offers the opportunity to purchase a membership, and depending on the type, have access to a conference room, private office, or shared office space, as well as kitchens and printers.

4731 Camp Bowie Blvd.

6. Stir Crazy

If hard work increases the appetite, this place is sure to fill both needs. The bakery is complete with quaint tables to enjoy baked goods, a good conversation, or in this case, a steady work sesh. After all that hard work, a sweet and decadent reward is sure to follow.

1251 W. Magnolia Ave.

7. Along the Trinity

The Trinity River has an immense number of riverside spots available at all hours.

While it isn’t a coffee shop or bakery, and it may not have any charging outlets, the riverside of the Trinity deserves a spot on this list. Sometimes a little fresh air and open space is good for the mind and body. Plus, there are tons of places along the river to grab food or drink if necessary.