Fort Worth Zoo Names Baby Giraffe After Adrian Beltre

Even the giraffes have joined the #Beltre3K madness.

The Fort Worth Zoo announced it will name one of its newest baby giraffes Beltre, after Texas Rangers thirdbaseman Adrian Beltre, who recorded his 3000th hit Sunday against the Baltimore Orioles. 

Beltre and his younger half-brother Buddy were both born in June, a week apart from one another. According to the Fort Worth Zoo, Beltre was one of the largest giraffe calfs born at the zoo, weighing 185 pounds and standing about 6 feet tall at birth. The zoo estimates he will reach 3,000 pounds and stand 18 feet tall when fully grown. 

Zoo visitors can see both giraffes in the giraffe exhibit, along with the rest of their herd. The herd will soon be part of the zoo's upcoming African Savanna exhibit, expected to open next year.