Fort Worth Zoo Orangutan Chooses Falcons to Win Super Bowl

Predicting the Super Bowl’s champion is no monkey business – it’s orangutan business.

Fort Worth Zoo’s born and raised orangutan, 43-year-old PT, picked the Atlanta Falcons over the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl LI.

PT wasted no time in choosing the winner on Thursday.

Two football-shaped piñatas filled with snacks were placed in her habitat, each branding a team’s symbol and decked out in steamers of the corresponding team’s colors.

PT climbed directly to the Falcons’ football and secured it in her hands. She then opened the football from the top and began stuffing her face with dried fruit, grapes, nuts, seeds and popcorn.

PT then decided to give the Patriots’ football a little attention.

While snacking out of the Patriots’ football, PT’s pal Chantek, a 41-year-old female orangutan, came outside to join her. Chantek went straight for the Falcons’ ball, as if to voice her agreement with PT’s decision.

The zoo’s animals have correctly picked the Super Bowl winners five times in the last seven years, according to a press release. The animals have been predicting the Super Bowl winner since 1998.