Fort Worth Zoo Welcomes Newest Baby

By Meg Hemmerle

There must be something in the water at the Fort Worth Zoo, with the announcement of another baby animal joining the family. 

The zoo welcomed its newest addition, a male Grant’s zebra foal, on Friday. He is the first foal for mom, Roxie, and the first zebra born at the zoo since 1996.

The foal was born weighing approximately 60 to 70 pounds and standing at 30 inches tall. He is expected to be between 650 and 750 pounds and 44 inches tall from shoulder to hoof when fully grown. Grant’s zebras are one of the six subspecies of plains zebras and are the smallest in stature. 

Visitors can see the newborn and his parents on exhibit on the main path next to other African hoofstock, lesser kudu, and springbok before they join the new African Savanna exhibit in April. 

The zoo has welcomed several newborn animals this year, including giraffes Beltre and Buddy, born in June, and 13 baby flamingos that hatched between January and March. 

Check out the baby zebra in action.

Video by Fort Worth Zoo