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How to Prepare for a Flood This Spring


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Can you feel it in the air? Spring is right around the corner. The time of year where we can swap out the heavy coats for shorts and sundresses. But, with the good, comes the bad in the form of allergies and heavy rain.

The heavy rain that hit Texas in 2015 still lingers in our memory. It was the wettest May for Dallas-Fort Worth with a record-breaking 16.96 inches of rain that wiped out the “exceptional drought” Texas was in.

Mother Nature is a force that is hard to reckon with, so you must take precautions for these situations. Rising water and flash floods are dangerous and can overtake a home or car in an instant.

We asked local business, Flood Kings, what you should do before a flood and what measures should be taken to avoid dangerous flood situations. They had a few tips.

Before a flood, you should analyze your home’s elevation and area’s flood history and take the necessary steps to help avoid flood damage. Before a flood, place sandbags by exposed openings such as doors. Turn off your gas and electricity and unplug appliances. Find your important documents such as legal files, birth certificates, etc. and seal them in a watertight container and store them above possible flooding levels.

Stay away from floodwater. Don’t walk or drive through water because you can easily be swept away. Six inches of water can take you off your feet and less than two feet of water can sweep your car away. Do not do recreational activities in the water, as you may be exposed to chemicals and sewage. Be careful at night because it is more difficult to identify flood dangers. Fallen power lines are another dangerous factor to be aware of because electrical currents can pass in water.

After a flood, there is a possibility that your home has experienced damage. The post-flood effects are unpleasant ranging from odors caused by mold and mildew to plumbing and electrical problems. Bacteria and other microorganisms will build up and make people sick. You don’t want these problems lingering in your house for too long.

Any problems that flood damage may cause requires immediate attention. You need a company you can trust to answer your call immediately. Flood damage can’t wait, so why should you?

The experts at Flood Kings recommend contacting a professional immediately that specializes in flood damage restoration in the DFW area. Experts can use cutting edge technology to get your flooded location back to normal and prevent further water damage. Professional companies arrive within minutes and are equipped to work around the clock so there is no need to worry about waiting for help. They will observe the process from beginning to end and make sure you can save as many possessions as possible.

For more flood tips and advice, contact Flood Kings at floodkings.com.