The Joy of Life

Joie de vivre. “The joy of living.” It’s French saying and one I’ve loved for years. Although like everyone, I certainly have my blah days, it’s a philosophy to which I aim to aspire. Essentially, it’s about finding happiness in friends and family, in food, in the mundane to the mysterious …  in life. So it’s little wonder that when the magazine offered me the chance to blog on all this business, I leapt at the chance!

As a professional journalist, I’m usually the one asking the probing questions. But if the subject of food comes up, which it often does — let’s face it; it’s a topic we women adore — the following queries are invariably lobbed my way: How do you stay so thin? You just don’t eat, right? While I admit to being somewhat of a gym rat — just ask my workout buddy, the lovely (and fit) Judie Byrd, who also happens to be this magazine’s food editor — I definitely do chow down. The key, however, is doing it in moderation. And, beyond that, I dine on healthy and yummy real foods (read: fresh and natural, not over-processed and chemical-filled). Whether eating out or, more likely, cooking at home, my goal is the same: to feed my body well. And my kids’ bodies. (I’ve got four. And they eat. A lot.)

Remember my gym buddy, Judie? We bump into each other several times a week on the way to our prospective sweat sessions. Although she and I have never discussed this, I’m pretty certain she would agree that — besides prepping and eating good food — working out is also key to good health and optimum well-being. (Meaning: If we don’t drag ourselves to the gym, we’ll go more than a little nuts!) In today’s schedule-stretched world, carving out even a little time for ourselves is critical. And what better way to break from the action and focus on us than to treat (yes, treat!) our bodies to exercise.

Another little nugget about me: Besides being a wordsmith — not to mention an amateur (stress amateur!) cook and a parent — I’m also a certified personal trainer. Words and workouts are a big part of what fuels my life’s joy. (As is enjoying really killer fare with good company. But more on that later …) As such, I’ll be swinging by this site on a regular basis, musing on all things food/fitness/family and how they really can be mutually inclusive. Because, in my humble opinion, life should be all about finding and fostering your own joie de vivre.

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To life!