Kansas vs. TCU: 5 Things to Watch Out For

TCU finally gets a night game...against 1-5 Kansas.

Photo from GoFrogs.com

Homecoming. Night game. Undefeated. TCU has a lot to be happy about at this point in the season. But as TCU fans know, a matchup against 1-5 Kansas will likely be anything but a kick-your-feet-up-on-the-tables-of-the-alumni-section-at-the-Carter sort of game. No matter how "good" or "bad" one team or the other may be, the Frogs and Jayhawks have a history, and this game can go anywhere.

Following our weekly tradition, here are five things to watch out for.

1. The first thing to watch out for: Well, Kansas.

TCU beat Kansas by a point last year — one point — in a game decided by a missed field goal by Kansas kicker Matthew Wyman with just seconds remaining. The year before that, TCU beat Kansas by 6; and before that, 4. Needless to say, Kansas can very much come in after a five-game losing streak and play its heart out against the No. 4 team in the nation. Because that's just how life works.

2. The best offense is a good defense. 

Aside from the fact that both teams seemingly play unusually close games each year, the 2017 Kansas football team hasn't improved much from previous years. Kansas' defense, for one, is not solid. Its pass defense is ranked No. 9 in the Big 12, while rushing defense is ranked No. 8. The Big 12's best defense at the moment? TCU, allowing 336.3 yards per game.

Overall, the Jayhawks are allowing 474.8 yards per game, which should allow the Frogs to keep doing what it's been good at doing all season — running the ball and working the clock. 

3. A quarterback worth coming after.

Kansas' quarterback hasn't exactly been stellar either. Peyton Bender has thrown nine interceptions so far this season (he's thrown one in every game) and was 8-for-19 last week in a goose egg loss to Iowa State. He's definitely not a runner either, with minus 45 rushing yards after six games. TCU's defense, on the flipside, is very much bent on going after the quarterback. Defensive end Ben Banogu is No. 2 in the Big 12 with four sacks so far. That said, the Frogs' defense could have a good day racking up stats, assuming they play the same way they've been playing. 

4. Keep an eye on Khalil Herbert. 

If Kansas does have a bright spot on its offense (which, as you remember, is currently being coached by TCU's former offensive coordinator Doug Meacham), it's running back Khalil Herbert, who's averaging 100.6 yards per game.

5. The Frogs' best bet? Win big.

It's been said many times — the Frogs are in playoff contention, so if they really want in, they need a good win against the Jayhawks. And by "good win," I mean a blowout win. But, we'll see what happens when the Frogs and Jayhawks kick off Saturday at 7 p.m. in Amon G. Carter Stadium.