My body is about to hate me...AGAIN!

This Sunday, February 26th, I will embark on a 26.2 mile journey (I’d like to deck whoever added that .2 in there, as if 26 miles aren’t enough??) Just me and thousands of my closest friends for the 34th annual Cowtown Marathon. It’s actually more like a few dozen friends who are running this weekend, but once we are all out there on the race course, we’ve all got one goal and that’s to cross the finish line upright. But let’s be honest, even if someone crawls across the finish line, props to them for finishing!

While I’ve always been a tomboy and an athlete, I just started running races & Cowtown 4 years ago. And last year was my first ever marathon, which I completed in 4:37:58. Boy did I feel great! Around mile 20, I was thinking that I could easily do the Cowtown Ultra Marathon which is a 31 mile course. And then reality set in hard around mile 23 and I realized the oxygen to my brain must be slowing down to have an absurd thought like that. I had to dig deep but I did and it was worth it when they put that medal around my neck, which almost tipped me over because my legs were like putty.

So I’m back for another year of torture…uh I mean fun. And you’ll think I’m crazy but races are fun for me. It keeps my competitive drive alive and gets me working towards a goal of improving my time each race. (I ran the Benbrook Half-Marathon in January and shaved off 6 minutes from last year’s time and placed 2nd in my age group for a 2nd straight year. Six minutes is a lot of time believe it or not.)

So if you’re out this weekend along the race course cheering on the runners, whether it be runners in the 5k and 10k races on Saturday or the Half, Full or Ultra Marathons on Sunday, be loud and let them hear you. It makes a world of difference! Honk, cheer, jump up and down do whatever you want. Everyone will appreciate the support.

I’m bib number 229 and I endorsed this blog.

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