Old Potion


So, for the last few years, Denton has been a bastion of AMAZING music. Well, I've got news for you, it hasn't stopped. I'm totally digging (and to be honest, kind of crushing on) a relatively new indie-folk band called Old Potion. Dylan Kellam on guitar and vocals, Claire Morales on guitar, harmonica and vocals, Jesse Gage on drums, banjo, and back-up vocals, and Phillip Gage on bass, well, friends...they are a dream come true to any Metroplex listener who feels the need to jam out to some indie-folk magic.

I have been listening to their EP , Magnetism, which will be available for purchase on January 17th, almost non-stop for several days now. Messenger, the first track on the EP is full of longing, hope, and getting a long worked for lesson taught to an anonymous student. I listen to this song and and think that Kellam, who, so far, has written most of the songs the band performs, might be writing about about a subject that we can all connect with: Love.

The second song on the EP is Cries and Whispers. Morales' obvious passion is audible in spades on this song. Her harmonica and backing vocals to Kellam are like magic. The song is beautiful and heartfelt. Kellam's vocals are amazing, but Morales' addition to the mix really takes this song to the next level. Honestly, from a young-ish band, I would never expect the level of clarity, the crispness, and the professionalism that this band clearly displays.

The third song, Magnetism, the EP's namesake song, is harmonic and filled with longing. Kellam and Morales combine their voices, as the rest of the band combines their obvious talent with their respective instruments, to create a picture of what Folk music is supposed to sound like. It is almost like we're given a picture of Southern life, the importance of love, and the necessity of companionship all in one song.

The last song, Sweet Nothings, lives up to the other tracks. The melodious voice of Kellam, the background vocals by Morales and Gage, as well as the banjo and bass, lend this particular melody with a heart-wrenching longing that seems to identify this album.

I haven't been this excited about a folk band in quite a while, but I have to admit that Kellam's team is beautifully honest in their music, and amazing in their execution of this album. Do me a favor, buy the EP when it comes out on January 17th. Do me another favor: Come to the release party these amazing musicians are hosting on January 17th at The Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton. The address is 409 E. Sycamore St. Denton, TX. Phone number is (904) 387-7781. Old Potion and I look forward to seeing you there!